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Welcome to the Graphic Raptor Forums. This is a private message board, originally created with the dual purpose of being a testbed for software packages and a meeting place for friends.  The testing processes have, for the most part, concluded in the distant past.  The community also drifted apart over a few years' time.  Still, this site remains, and the forum remains as both a testament to that community, and a potential location for reunion.  Should you wish to make your home here, you are of course welcome, but please observe the following guidelines:


1. Show respect to all members of this community.

2. Please avoid religious or political discussions, except within areas designated either for open debates or discussion of the aforementioned topics. This rule includes politicized current events. 

3. Please refrain from offensive language or material. This includes (but is not limited to) cursing, racist remarks, overt sexual advances, sexually explicit or violent material, or any other content (posts, pictures, videos, etc.) that is deemed offensive by the staff.

4. No links to, or uploads of, any illegal material. Any violations of this rule will result in an immediate ban, and may result in a report to legal authorities if necessary.

5. Please utilize the available support methods before directly contacting any staff member about a problem. The Customer Service forum and Discord server are available for support.

6. Do not discussion disciplinary actions or attempt to report other members within a topic or other public venue. For reporting content on this forum, use the "report post" button to report specific posts. For all other reports or to request information about disciplinary actions, you should utilize the support ticket on the Discord or contact a staff member directly.


For more information about the forum, please visit the Welcome and Information page.

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